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Frequently Asked Questions About the Mabu Cloth

Q. What is the Mabu Multi Cloth made from?

A. The Mabu Multi Cloth is made from 100% Natural Wood Pulp Fiber.

Q. Why is the Mabu stiff when first used?

A. Mabu is stiffened for shipping with tapioca starch. This is a harmless edible starch which must be rinsed out under warm water before using for the first time.

Q. Why is the Mabu bacteria resistant?

A. In fact the Mabu Cloth absorbs bacteria, as laboratory testing has shown, but the unique 8 layer open weave design allows bacteria to be released when rinsed.

Q. Why does the Mabu not retain odors?

A. Because of Mabu's unique rinsability, you can rinse out odors even after days at the bottom of a sink, unlike standard dishcloths that hold sour smells even after soap and soaking.

Q. What can I do when Mabu gets a stubborn stain?

A. All wiping cloths can stain. A unique quality of the Mabu is that most stains simply rinse out after a soak in detergent water..

Q. Is the Mabu machine washable?

A. Yes. In fact for convenience throw the Mabu in with the whites. Putting the Mabu in the dryer will not affect any of the unique qualities, but it will make it soft and puffy and it may shrink slightly.