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We are happy to announce that your Mabu Products are now carried in all Waitrose stores in the U.K.

Tell us why you love your Mabu.

We would love to hear what you love about your Mabu cloth.

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Our fans write...

This cloth is amazing. I am usually very skeptical of new products, to be honest. But I work in a "green hotel" in Freeport, Maine, and a local Mabu sales rep came in one day and asked if we might be interested in selling Mabu cloths in our gift shop. She offered us a couple free Mabu cloths to try out ourselves, and I am COMPLETELY impressed and hooked on them. The things I like most about the cloth are: the soft, super-absorbent texture you get after the first use and the versatility (strong enough to easily clean a counter top or a sink of dishes, but ALSO soft and gentle enough to use on your child in the bath)! I use one to wash my face every morning, and the unique texture feels so nice on my skin. And what you promote is actually TRUE: these cool little cloths DO stay clean and odorless. One last thing, I love that you don't seek out and cut down the trees you use to manufacture this product. I read that you grow your own trees for the specific purpose of making your Mabu cloths. Thank you for HONESTLY producing and promoting a genuinely useful, high-quality, all natural-product that doesn't hurt our world.

Roberta Berry
Portland, ME

MABU.com note: Mabu cloths are made from wood from sustainable forests.

I sent this email to all of my friends. Have you ever tried giving samples away in the Maternity Ward in Hospitals? Formula companies do it all the time. I’m sure you would get tons of new business. I’m part of a moms group and no one had ever heard Mabu Cloths until I told them.

Hi Ladies,
I hardly ever recommend a product because I’m really a hard customer to please- ha ha. I guess it is from all of my years working in the Quality Control field. Anyhow, I think these cloths are AWESOME and since we are all moms of newborns and or toddlers and thought I would share it.

My cousin gave them to me as a gift. I use them in my kitchen to wipe the kids, their highchairs and table after they eat. They are great because they don’t ever get that musty smell that a regular washcloth gets, when used in the kitchen. Also, they don’t stain. How great is that? So, you are not wiping your kids face with a dirty smelly rag. I was going through paper towels like crazy and started using wash cloths, but when these came along I was soooooo excited. Oh, the little things that are so exciting now, in a life filled with kids. Dirty hands, clothes and faces, and it’s only just begun.

I just had to pass this along sorry if you know about them already.
Milton, MA, USA

Chatelaine Magazine July/09
Green for life Chatelaine Health
Writer: Gillian Deacon
Title: A Clean Sweep
Microfibre cloths have a special weave that picks up even the tiniest particles and leaves surfaces streak-free. Many require no soap at all, hot water is all you need. The Mabu cloth is my personal favourite. Available at Mabu.com, it's made from wood pulp, is naturally bacteria-resistant and is unquestionably the softest, thickest all-purpose wipe. I've had mine for several years, and it never gets that sour "old cloth" smell.

If you're using one of those spray and wipe floor mops with disposable pads, stop and think about how much you're spending on fluid refills and replacement wipes. A single box of pads runs up to $10. (Never mind the worrisome chemical cocktail being misted through your house.) Why not just keep the handle and put on an old washcloth?)

MABU.com note: Even better, try using an old Mabu Multi cloth on your mop head!

Dear Mabu providers
I got my 3 pack at Lakeland in Canterbury while I was visiting England. I had never seen Mabu before, singly or in the 3 pack.
I note that the only retailer in the Republic of Ireland is Dunne's. Do you know if they are carried in all Dunne's stores? I have printed off a Product Request form and will ask Tesco and Superquinn if they will carry Mabu.
The 3 pack is great because of the different coloured borders - no confusing them if using them in the kitchen or bathroom. My kitchen Mabu has thickened since being in the washing machine, which makes it even more absorbent.
Best wishes
Mary Kennedy
Republic of Ireland

I live in Florida and recently spent a couple of weeks with family in Bakewell, Derbyshire. Along with a perfectly wonderful holiday, I discovered Mabu!! Our cousin was using one in her kitchen and I couldn't stop talking about it. On a trip to Buxton, I bought 2 in the Waitrose to bring home with me. Along with showing pictures of our trip, I have been talking about this miracle dishcloth! I would love to return to the UK and buy some more, but will have to settle for ordering some online for gifts.
Thanks for a wonderful product.
J. Brown

Yes. it is wonderful. the best. no smells. none. and I am wiping up yogurt (sour) and fish (fishy) and garlic and onions no smell. none at all. as I say, this wiping cloth is fantastic. It is also absorbent, perfectly so; and just abrasive enough to clean dishes in a lovely manner and not so abrasive as to scratch. much better, all round, than any other cloth; much better, in fact, than I imagined possible. I had no idea when I bought it at Thrifty's in Victoria British Columbia (Canada) . It sat in it's package , too, for quite a while before I decided to try it. -- that aside, and I will buy more and give them away as gifts - they are so absolutely good.
thank you again.
Madeleine Butler
thank you thank you

I just had to write and sing the praises of your WONDERFUL, FANDABBYDOZY, MABU dishcloth. I bought mine in Lakeland, located in Chester, England, a year ago and it finally fell apart 2 weeks ago. Oh how I missed it. I just cannot manage without this wonderful invention.

HOWEVER, with heavy heart, I visited the shop today to see if they had anything else that could offer the same qualities as MABU and lo and behold, there it was, hanging there shouting I'M OVER HERE........It was like finding a long lost relative, I was so happy.......eek, am I really waxing lyrical over a dishcloth!!!!

I have bought every member of my family one to go in their Christmas stocking together with a few spares for me as I'm going to experiment and use them everywhere.

Never ever ever ever stop producing this fantastic cloth pleeeeease.

Irene Jones

Well, it's time to hear a word from the States, where, despite a lot of bragging about a ton of other things, I have yet to find a Mabu in any store other than on the web!  This is the best product ever and I buy six at a time, usually on EBay but I gather Amazon.com is now selling this terrific cloth.  Mine do their job in the kitchen and are then relegated to the garage where my husband uses them for a variety of chores.  Thank you for inventing something which actually works as promised.  By the way, I am 71 years young, was born in the UK and have done more than my share of cleaning, cooking and laundry so you can believe me when I say this is a unique and wonderful product. 
Susan Tredick,  Washington, USA

I don't normally contact manufacturers but I'm making this one exception because I think I'm in love with a washcloth!
I purchased my Mabu cloth more than a year ago from a vendor on Granville Island, Vancouver, BC.  I have just used it to wash my car and I love it!  The cloth stayed clean and white all while being friendly on the car paint.  Now I wish I had one for my dishes and every day household chores.  It stays white and soft and is just the right thickness and size.
Be assured that I will be telling all of my family and friends about this cloth.  If they don't go out and get one I will buy them one!  Now, I'll just have to find a local distributor . . . please let me know if you have a vendor in Victoria, BC.
Thanks for such a great product!
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

This is how much I love my Mabu dishcloths (of which I’ve had two for about 8 months) ... I went into my local branch of Waitrose in Putney, London this week to replace, only to find that they are no longer stocking them. And I thought, typical, every time I discover a wonderful, slightly unusual product, it disappears. None of the staff could even remember them and I couldn’t remember the name, though I knew it began with an ‘m’ and sounded coconutty!
Luckily your website address was JUST visible on the label and now I find that I am most certainly not alone in thinking that these lovely natural cloths are exceptional. So I’m onto Waitrose big time to see what on earth is happening and why Putney is not carrying them.
Good luck to your company in spreading the word and keeping this product going for all we afficianados!
Claudia Ives
London, England

I discovered Mabu in my local Waitrose about 2 months ago. It’s by far the best dishcloth I’ve ever used. I can’t really believe that I’m sad enough to be singing the praises of a dishcloth, but this product is so remarkable I just felt I had to.
Imagine then my horror when on returning to the shop to buy 2 more cloths for my bathrooms I discovered that Waitrose have suspended the product.
Thankfully I discovered your website and have ordered some Mabu cloths from Greensense. But why on earth have Waitrose stopped stocking them?
Anyway, great product and all my work colleagues are laughing at me now, but they’ll soon be on board when they see the one I’ve ordered for the work’s kitchen.

My daughter recently gave me one of your cloths and I had to write and say how much I love it! I am 77 years old and I spend most of my time in the kitchen. Your cloth is the best cloth I have ever used in my life. I am so impressed. I will order some on the internet and give them to all my friends.Thank you for such a wonderfull product.
Joyce Reed
St. John's, Newfoundland

I am a desparate housewife living in Jersey in the Channel Islands!! I discovered the fantastic MABU cloths about 3 years ago in Waitrose in the UK amd when I moved with my family from UK to Jersey the one thing I found I couldn't buy were MABU cloths .Fortunately my mother kept me in good supply every time she came over to visit she would bring some. NOW however she came empty handed as Waitrose have stopped selling them!! What will I do now!! I have checked out your website and tries several suggested sites but no luck.
PLEASE PLEASE let me know how to get hold of these - domestic life is just not the same without my MABU . They are just simply the best cloth ever!!
Hope to hear from you soon
Helen Smith - Jersey CI

I am not a domestic diva, if I could, would have a full time maid and cook In the kitchen I want things that are efficient and low maintenance. These little miracle cloths are remarkable.  Not only do they not smell, they wipe and clean like nothing else...Saw them a number of times in a small market I go to, and thought them too expensive.  Finally I broke down and bought 'one.'
Next time I went shopping, bought 3 more. And will continue to buy them till all my friends have one and I have a life time supply. Although I am not one to keep my kitchen tidy, (not even close) have always had a fetish about changing the kitchen wash cloths at least once a day. Can't stand anything that does not smell fresh.  These Mabu cloths last and last.....
Thanks, these are worth their weight in gold.
Kelowna B.C. Canada

I’m yet another person who is excited about a dishcloth ( how sad can you get ?) I bought my Mabu at Waitrose in Sheffield, just before Christmas. I’ve never seen them anywhere else. I live at Bakewell, in the Peak District National Park, in Derbyshire. I have been so pleased with my dishcloth, that today I got one for my dear neighbour and offered her a challenge : I bet her that she’s never had such a wonderful dishcloth before in her life ( and she’s 87). I am confident she will agree with me. Just keep on making them, I can’t bear to think they may disappear, if they did, my life wouldn’t be the same again !
Sue Mounsey

I am quite happy for you to post my letter on your website if it helps to ‘spread the word’ about your product.
Sue Mounsey

I live in London uk.
I bought a Mabu cloth from my local Waitrose & LOVE it. It has lasted about 6 months!!  Now unfortunately it's rather threadbare. I do not do my weekly shop in Waitrose so was wondering which other suppliers you have in south London or the West End of London or Soho???  Smaller shops must sell it.. Do U supply to the health shop Fresh & Wild? for instance?
I wish you could convince Sainsbury to carry them as that is where we shop..
They are fantastic cloths coz they do NOT SMELL after a month & are v soft and absorbent.

D. Fairman

I just tried your cloth for the first time and absolutely love it. Can’t bear the thought of living without it. Must know where I can purchase a supply of these amazing cloths. Please let me know so I can stock up on it and let friends know about it. Thanks so much.

I’m in Calgary, AB
D. Dame

I have been happily using Mabu cloths in the kitchen for some time.  I ignored suggestions that they were great as face cloths because I have very sensitive skin, but since they are so soft I recently tried using one.  It worked wonderfully and I'm hooked.  Only one problem - it's hard to tell one Mabu from another.  Would you consider a variety of colours?

C. Monds
Ottawa, Ontario

I’m in England, and your other UK customers may like to know that Waitrose and John Lewis stores stock Mabu cloths. I’ve tried disposable cloths and the new microfibre cloths both of which did OK. But I love the Mabu cloths because they’re not too big, and really do keep clean. I machine wash if doing some whites anyway, otherwise just leave them to soak 5 mins in hot water, then hang over the tap. They stay fresh, where I had to keep changing cloths before as I dislike using a stained or smelly cloth. Well done for a great product.

I have only had my Mabu cloth (purchased fromLakeland) for a week and already know I do not want to use any other cloth for general cleaning. What a find! A good handful of cloth to get hold of. And it washes up beautifully in the washing machine. Fantastic!
Pat Ashby

To all the UK residents looking for a place to buy their MABU -I get mine from Waitrose. I love it and have just bought my 2nd in a week because I couldn’t believe how brilliant the first one was!
Sally Potter

Thanks for the update. I have to admit, I love my little Mabu. I say that even though I read the same sentiment on the wrapper when I bought it and thought it was corny. What a great product!
Denise Brooks
Vancouver, B.C. Canada

I bought one of your cloths a few months ago and love it. I have also given some to friends and family. I purchased mine at Thriftys in Victoria but I have had trouble lately trying to get more for gifts. Could you please tell me if you have other outlets nearby as I would like to purchase more for Christmas and so would some of my friends. One cloth is not enough once to start to use them. I keep finding other uses for them besides a dishcloth. It’s the best cloth I have ever used.
Thank You
Victoria, B.C. Canada

I purchased my Mabu from Lakeland - the best cloth I have ever used. I am going back for more now that I have realised its many uses.
Thank you
Shirley Shaw (Mrs)

I am joining all the others in raving about the Mabu cloth. I have just bought my third cloth to try out as a facial exfoliating cloth. I have used it twice now with no adverse effects and I have sensitive skin too. Of course if I ever felt it was a “bit too much” I would just use it less. Far better than the expensive muslin cloths that don’t last that are being sold by cosmetic companies.

I use one in the kitchen, and one in the bathroom. I have found that they do exactly as you say and do not hold smells and clean well. I can see that I will be buying a couple of extra cloths for spares too.

I was so pleased to see you had the Web Site. I wasn’t sure if you could add a drop of bleach if the Mabu cloth got stained in heavy use and was pleased to see you can. I see you can also machine wash it too, but I think I will prefer to just wash it out by hand with the occasional drop of bleach if and when heavily soiled. I am in England and will be going to praise the virtues of this cloth on one of our most popular forum boards run by one of our top newspapers.

If I can be of further help with my testimony, don’t hesitate to ask.

Pauline Roberts

Your mabu cloth is the best cleaning cloth I have ever used. I hate the way regular cloths leave residue and a wet surface behind. I find since I got my mabu cloth I use fewer paper towels which is more friendly to the environment. I love this cloth but can’t remember where I bought it. I bought it because it was natural fiber but now that I have used it I would like to have several more. I would also like to buy several for Xmas gifts. I live in Sarnia, Ontario. I am one hour from London, Ontario. I am thrilled that you have a website (wasn’t sure I would find one) so that I can buy more of these fabulous cloths. Please send me the name of the nearest retailer, preferably in Sarnia if possible.

P. Brooks

I recently purchased one of your fab cloths from Lakeland Limited in England - I’m wondering if there are any more outlets over here? It must be a sign of middle age but I think I’ll send a few to friends for Christmas presents!!!!!! Oh God - how sad is that?!?!

I have an on-going experiment with my Mabu cloth and a cotton dishcloth - the kitchen has never been so clean.

Hope business is good and flourishing

D. Morgan

I’ve been the proud owner of a Mabu Cloth for the past month or so ... and it is great!

Having been in the ‘environmental products’ business for the past fifteen years, I was very sceptical when a friend gave me one. I’ve seen a lot of ‘green’ products not live up to their hype ... they either aren’t really‘green’ or they don’t work well. But the Mabu Cloth seems to be the real deal!

M. Calvert

I live in the U.K in the Central Scotland belt near to Falkirk. I recently acquired one of your Mabu cloths. It is superb. From washing dishes; wiping down surfaces; drying my hands and wiping the dogs paw prints off the floor. I am sure that there are many other uses which a woman would be aware of.

Have a nice day!

Hello my name is Jennifer, and I live in Calgary, Alberta, and received a Mabu cloth as a gift. I can not possibly go back to using any other cloth since I have used my Mabu cloth, but mine is so worn out from constant use, that it needs to be replaced. Please let me know ASAP where I can purchase a replacement.

Thank you,

I truly enjoy cooking, what bothers me about the whole exercise is the cleaning up. If only I could have the magic of the chefs we see on television, where all the prep and clean-up is done by some mysterious elves.

Speaking of cleaning up, I've tried all kinds of material for wiping up my cooking messes. Through the years there has been everything from rags to the hand-knitted dishcloth (which was my favourite).

But today I'd like to introduce you to a new cloth which has become my favourite. It's called a Mabu Cloth. I've been using one for the last few weeks and am now totally sold on its unique qualities. It's a soft, thick, earth-friendly cloth made from 100 per cent natural wood. They are bacteria and stain-resistant, long-lasting, and wonderful to use, not to mention inexpensive. I found my Mabu at Fisher's Hardware downtown but you can always ask your favourite retailer to get them for you.

C. Litzenberger, Kitchen Wit and Wisdom, The Morning Star

Hi, I was in contact with you a few months ago about the Mabu cloths. I must say they are truly amazing. I have done everything to those poor cloths and they have stood up to it all. Everyone that I gave one to just loved them, I have an automotive detailing shop and I would like to sell them in my showroom.


I live in the UK and have bought a Mabu cloth from a mail order company called Lakeland. I wonder if there are other retailers who stock them here. I live in Dunstable, Bedfordshire.
Thank You for an excellent product.

M. Cuckson

Many thanks for your email and list of stockists.

I have located the cloths in Ipswich at the Lakeside store..............SO pleased to be able to ‘stock up’ on them !!!!!......my husband cannot understand why I get so excited about a cloth!, but they are so unique ...just wouldn’t be without them ..........

Best wishes
Margot Wolstenholme

I am at my mother’s house in Santa Barbara for four weeks cleaning out the muck and painting. I would kill for a handful of mabus at this very moment! Any locations? I was introduced to your exceptional product at last year’s Green Festival in San Francisco, but did not buy nearly enough and was foolish enough to give a couple away to cherished friends who would appreciate them.

I am a career marketing specialist turning my focus to the Green Economy. This is an extraordinary tool quite apart from its green credentials. I would love to know the whole story of this marvelous product.

J. Rubin

We were given a Mabu cloth as a gift and we are amazed at its qualities. It is everything you say it is.
Would you please inform us of a retailer near us, (then we could solve our Christmas present problem!!)

Thanks for the info. Look forward to other products from Mabu.
B. Clark

Happy New Year! I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your Mabu Cloth. My restaurant staff thinks they are great. I am very impressed with the quality of the product. It stays fresh, clean and soft no matter what you do with it. The staff has no excuse for not doing the cleaning now. Thank you for a great product.

T. Whitney, Hyatt Dulles at Washington Dulles International Airport, Virginia

Just dropping you a letter to let you know how happy we are with the Mabu Cloth. It's held up very well in our kitchen cleaning, it's amazing how the grease and dirt just rinses out. The appearance and strength has surprised everyone in the kitchen. I put the cloth through a whole bunch of tests including red food coloring and the dye just came right out. We also found out that when the cloth is dry, you can grab hot pans without having to double fold like ordinary kitchen towels.

D. Mandragona, Executive Chef, Canoe Brook Country Club, Summit, N.J.

I received one from a friend in January and find they are a great clean up in the kitchen. When cleaning counters with toast crumbs which normally land up being swept on the floor with the regular dish cloth, the Mabu Cloth grabs and holds on to them with out a lot of other mess.

Also, there are no odors from the cloth, like sour or other smells. I also enjoy the fact that chocolate milk and ketchup rinse out of the cloth with little or no stain remaining.

I have enjoyed using this cloth very much and since it's had 3 months or more I use it for washing walls because it is nice and soft, and I miss it each time there are crumbs to scoop up etc. They make work easier and faster. Thank you for your help and information during our pleasant conversation.

E. Engstrom, Gen. Delivery, Longbow Lake, Ontario

Dear Mabu Natural,

Mabu Cloths are so fantastic we ended up giving them away to all our friends who more or less thought we were lunatics as we said something like, "Try it, you'll like it, you'll never want to be without it." But of course they didn't give them back and they wanted more, which meant we were always running short ourselves.

Most people find the subject of dish cloths beneath their dignity. At first. Get them talking and before long the familiar woes and complaints emerge. It turns out that dignity is only another name for false pride for before long she or he who thought the subject unworthy of their time is revealed to be a loquacious expert on the subject. It turns out that in our quiet way each of us has spent a lot of time with dish cloths, in banal and sometimes compromising situations. The "MABU Cloth" zealot who dares to sing their praises in public quickly discovers that there is an entire genre of disaster narrative that accompanies activities with cloths in the kitchens and bathrooms of every continent. Sharing these war stories, strangers becomes friends and friends become lovers. When everything else in the world is trying to tear us apart, the MABU Cloth, in their modest way, bring us together in humility. We've shared our under-the-sink kitchen stories and the tiles-in-the-shower stories - and much worse - and found that what unites us is much stronger and more apparent than the paltry differences we might once have nursed.

So, will "MABU Cloths" save the world? They're doing a pretty good job so far...

C. Browne, Vancouver, B.C

I have used the Mabu Cloth for the past year and believe it to be an excellent product. I give them as birthday, Christmas, etc. gifts. Those people come back to me wanting another one and I have to have my sister pick them up for me in Vernon.

G. S. Bates

Did sell most of them and the money is going for material to make drapes for an orphanage in Eastern Europe. Hope the people who get them from me like them as much as I do.

F. Chandler, Kindersly, Sask.

I am writing this letter in regards to your product "Mabu Cloth". We use this cloth to wash dishes and we really like it. It can be used day after day and there is no smell from it like the regular dish cloths have. It is also very soft and nice to use. We plan to buy a few more. Thank you.

A. and N. Andrews, Pickering, Ontario

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your company for assisting our group with our Fundraising for Spring 1999. Since this was our first year doing a fundraising event with the Mabu Cloth the response was very good. As you know with a scouting group we do a lot of camping and group events and we used the Mabu Cloths at our camps and event, one of our Youths parents used the cloth for a family Bar-B-Q and cleaned her grill and during the family Bar-B-Q she forgot the cloth outside which sat outside for about a week. When she found the Cloth outside it was Black, Greasy and very slimy, she put it in the wash (not holding any hope it would come clean) and after she removed it from the wash she was surprised to found the Mabu Cloth had come out white and clean, there was no sign that the cloth had been used on a Bar-B-Q.

We look forward to doing the Mabu Cloth fundraiser in the Fall (September 1999). we are going to have the Youth get together and we are going to do the Fundraising event as a Group in September and we hope to be able to raise more funds for our Groups.

I would strongly recommend this product to other Scouting Groups for a fundraising event.

B. Hill, 2nd Streetsville Scouting Camp, Mississauga, Ontario